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Private Equity

Ascent House issues a percent of crypto billing to vested private equity firms until a 5x return is realized, effectively discounting pre-listed coin issuances.

Client referrals from vested firms will be considered “high priority”, and the funds will be prioritized for later capital injections to prolong crypto issuance.

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We host, manage, and facilitate influencer events on behalf of Web3 brands and legacy business to generate large inflows of high-propensity users.

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We deliver a 30-million online audience from the events with contracted influencers for target demographics, which generate 300K+ click-through activations at half the cost of the market rate.

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Influencer contracting for one night of promotions at an upscale event, often with a celebrity appearance. 

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Increase Audience &  Engagement

How We Guarantee 300,000 Click-Through Activations

A statistical reliability threshold is realized with a 30-million audience that has a high propensity to favor the client's offering. This audience size guarantees 300,000 click-through activations when two conditional factors are met:

1- One, singular click-through deliverable among all promoting influencers in the campaign.

2- Message-market-fit. 

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