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Grow Your Brand

The collective online reach of influencers in attendance is 15 million+ among targeted, aligned demographics.

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Grow your audience

Collaborate inspire and network with
other influencers at our experiential,
all sensory events.

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Influencers are invited to a VIP destination to participate in a "popup" hype house.
Ascent House sources the brand (client)
for whom the event is organized.

Talent riders are often not applicable for a VIP event that provides an audience boost, and if appropriate, a stipend. Influencers are contracted for one evening, rather than having to sign exclusivity clauses or other restrictive affiliations with an agency.

Influencers are NOT asked to “recruit” or to become an “affiliate”; both are broadly despised by the influencer community. Ascent House shares this sentiment and serves as an ally of influencers.

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